the tiller

Monday - Friday: 6:30am to 2:30pm, Saturday: 7:00am to 12:00pm

A few things about The Tiller Coffee..

the name


One that tills land: a tiller of soil. 

A lever used to turn a rudder and steer a boat. 

A plant shoot that springs from the root or bottom of the original stalk.


Sketch 4.png

the about

Opened in September 2013, the things we strive to achieve at The Tiller are based on a couple of our passions.. 

Speciality coffee - and educating anyone who wants to know about the process from farm to cup.
Quality, crafted products - that support sustainable, Aussie owned endeavours.
Connecting with the community - through information sharing and backing charitable activities.
Supporting Brisbane small businesses - through building connections and forums.
Having a space to share - dedicated to sitting, chatting, thinking, eating, drinking and merrymaking.

03 About.jpg

the container

This old, beat-up shipping container is what started the whole idea of The Tiller Coffee.  Even though it was love at first sight, it was a difficult relationship leading up to her opening.  From sailing on the high seas transporting goods around the world, to serving coffee to the lovely people of Brisbane, she stands fulfilled in her burnt orange gown.

Free tip for the lovers - commitment is key to any long lasting relationship.