the tiller

Monday - Friday: 6:30am to 2:30pm, Saturday: 7:00am to 12:00pm

Quality and a bit of know-how should always taste good.

Sharing taste experiences is what we are on about at The Tiller.  Taking things we know taste good and shoving them in your gob (gently, and with suave).  We are keen on local produce and suppliers.  We are keen on ethical and sustainable products and supply chains.  We are keen on being honest and transparent with our products and doing things simply but well.

the coffee

Our passion and focus.

The guys over at Parallel Roasters take care of our house blend for espresso preparation. We use their Shifting Light blend.

Some cracking single origin coffee's and guest blends from other local (and perhaps not-so-local) roasters also pass through our grinders - just ask what we've got going when you are in.

Espresso aside, our alternate brew methods currently include chemex, aeropress, and cold drip.

Getting our hands on high quality and ethically sourced coffee beans is really important to us.  We are dealing with people who are completely transparent with the origin and trade process of their product, using people who directly trade with the farmers where possible.  Direct trade is better than fair trade.

the rest

Not everyone loves coffee.  That's ok - there are other beverages on offer in the container.   Teas, hot chocolates, milkshakes, and some splendid bottled cold drinks to name a few.

And what sort of establishment would we be without anything solid to sink your teeth into?  We have a little menu that grows and evolves over time.  Seasonal eating is important to us, so we work towards promoting it with our food offerings.

A selection of freshly baked goodies from the local bakers at Crust & Co. are also always on hand.

There are also a few bits and pieces for you to take-away and enjoy in the comfort of your own home - coffee gear, hand-made chocolate from Bahen & Co., Mork artisan chocolate, and some of our own merch.